Summer Repose



giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.



(of a place or surroundings) pleasantly comfortable and cozy.


When we think of a “cozy home,” it’s easy to think of a snuggly, warm home on a fall or winter day. But then...the heat of the summer, sweaty evenings, sunburnt cheeks…. These things don’t exactly invite a stereotypical “cozy” feeling, per se

Let’s change how we think of experiencing true coziness. Coziness can be found anywhere, anytime. Even in the summer.

Cozy is that feeling you get when you kick back and relax, take in your surroundings, take a deep breath, and smile. The warm breeze on your face, laughing voices of family and friends around you, the smell of the barbecue, that carefree feeling of long summer evenings, watching the sky fade to pink. Cozy is wherever you feel at ease. It doesn’t just have to be a warm blanket by a fire on a cool fall night. It can be floating in the pool with a cool drink in your hand. It can be ice cream dripping down your arm. It can be setting up a picnic at an outdoor music festival. It can be relaxing on a towel listening to the waves crash on the beach. It can be the warm scent of summer flowers floating on the breeze as you watch the kids play in the sprinkler. 

Think of the things you do that make you feel relaxed. In those moments, you are creating coziness around you. You’re already there.

Invite summer repose and coziness into your life with our signature summer scents. We bottled up the essence of summer relaxation and created 4 candles to help you curate the perfect summer mood. You can find our Beach Day, Citronella, Gardenia, and Pina Colada in 9 oz candles or wax melts (coming soon!) at today!


-with love, Cozy Home Co.


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