Pals of Cozy Home Co.

No business is complete without a mascot. We have three!
We'd love for you to meet our favorite Pals who function as our quality control team to help get each and every package ready to go! Not to worry though, they follow our strict company policy of "No Licking, No Shedding, No Zoomies", to ensure your orders get to you in tip-top shape. Your candles are in good Paws!
Meet the Pals:
Katara the Siberian Husky - Quality Control Snooperviser
Hank the Bernese Mountain Dog - Chief Happiness Officer
Hermione the stray kitten who survived - Packing Material "Inspector"
These Pals provide emotional support to our candle maker and are an essential part of the team. Check your shipment for a hidden treasure from the Pals -- see if you can collect all three!